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Is your finance department providing a clear picture of your future or is it only gathering data from the past?

Finance is often the most misunderstood function in many businesses.  Yet, it is paramount to understand how every change in the business affects  profitability.  After all, profitability is necessary for an organization to thrive long term.  The process of creating a budget exposes the critical factors in realizing profits.  Are you watching where you are headed or are you simply looking in your rear view mirror?

Project Based Services

CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™ for CFO

CS3 ACCESS-Direct Plan™ for Controller

CFO Hotline to CPA Professional

LinkedIn Membership to “The Boardroom” of CS3

Cash Flow Planning

CPA Firm Coordination

Attendance at Board Meetings

Budget Development and Oversight

Quarterly Review and Strategy Planning

Customer/Product Profitability Analysis

Hotline to CPA Professional

LinkedIn Membership to “The Boardroom” of CS3
Monthly Preparation of:

  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Critical Ration Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Review Tax Reports and Payments
  • Financial System Reconciliation

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